Powder Coating

The original “EsWay” stands were painted with a thin one coat finish, probably dipped.

One thing we can’t get away from with the design of this stand is that it has coated/painted surfaces touching or rubbing against each other, and if you buy one of these stands you will have to accept that the coating will rapidly wear at these contact points.

From my experience of using the stands, the areas most affected by wear are those points on the lever and the foot of the sliding tube which frequently come into contact with the operator/rider’s boot. The surface of the sliding tube and the bottom of the ratchet groove contacted by the lever are also vulnerable.

To many keepers of vintage motorcycles, appearance and finish are of great importance. The first stands I made were sold unpainted so people could finish them to their own satisfaction, and this option is still available. However, to save owners the time and trouble of dismantling and painting their new stand, and to enable it to be fitted “straight from the box”, I have had part of the batch black powder coated, which gives a matt/satin finish.
Although powder coating is a fairly tough finish, the wear points are just the same as for normal paint.  

Due to the slippery nature of the surface of powder coating, do not fit the powder coated stand brackets to a powder coated motor cycle frame as they may not give a sufficient grip, thus giving rise to the risk that the stand will not be able to support the motor cycle.