Instructions for dismantling and reassembly of main tubes for painting and cleaning.

1. Lift cap and disconnect main spring.



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2. Press the lever and withdraw the spring.  Leave spring connected to the cap.  If you do disconnect it note that the tail of the spring comes out from the inside of the cap. This is so it doesn't foul the end of the lever.


3.  Remove nut and washer and pull out screw with it's washer.  Push lever into slot, un-hook the spring and lift lever out. Now the sliding tube can be withdrawn.


4. Reassembly.  Fit a new "O" ring ( 25mm ID x 2.5mm C/S ) This is to cushion and quieten the stand as it closes.  The stand will work just the same without it.  I find a squirt of WD40 up the outer tube is enough lubrication.  Refit the sliding tube.


5. Refit the lever and spring then the nut and washer.  Make sure the spring is fitted on the correct side so it engages with the cut-out of the lever housing.  There are two washers, one on each side of the housing.


6.   Only tighten the screw until the flanges of the lever housing touch.  Any tighter will distort the sides of the housing.  The nylock nut will stop it unfastening.


7.  Correct position for spring.


8.  Wrong position for spring.


9.  Thread the wire through the stand and hook onto the spring.  Press the lever and draw the spring through the stand.


 10.  Pull spring all the way through and refit the end cap.  Test that all is working correctly.


Refit to bike and check operation of stand.