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These stands should not be fitted to bikes with rear suspension.

Before you start please be aware that where the clamps fit, and in order to get a good grip, they will mark the paintwork/coating of your bikes' frame.  If you don't like this idea, and decide to change your mind at this point, please contact me about returning your unfitted stand.  

Due to the slippery nature of the surface of powder coating, do not fit the powder coated stand brackets to a powder coated motor cycle frame as they may not give a sufficient grip, thus giving rise to the risk that the stand will not be able to support the motor cycle.

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This shows the order of the fixings.


Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 14.40.25

First job is to choose which length bottom bracket will be best.  The exhaust is on the other side so I will use the short bracket.   Loosely fit two screws and nuts like this, then offer it up to the frame.  There are two length of screws to choose from (25mm and 30mm) depending upon the diameter of frame tube. 


Fit the bottom bracket in place and lightly nip up the screws.  Ideally the stand needs positioning so that it is clear of the rider and pillion passengers feet.  


To fit the clamp to the the stand, lift the top cap and thread the clip through the spring.  

(Pulling the clip apart to get it to pass over the tube will just distort it and damage the coating.)


Fit the stand to the bottom bracket set it to vertical position and lightly nip the 50mm long screw.


 Assemble the top bracket.  There are two lengths to choose from.  This bike has a small frame so it needs the shorter one. 


There are also flat back-plates in the set, for fitting to "D" section frame tubes.


Order of spacer, eye bolt and clip.


Once you have the stand in the right place, tighten the screws.  One needs a certain amount of mechanical sympathy here.  The screws need to be tight enough so the clamps will grip the tubes but over-tightening will just distort the clamps.

Please check and be satisfied, that the fitted stand will support the bike before you use it.


Should be looking something like this now.


Safety  Please make sure that the stand will not catch on the ground when cornering.



Check operation.  Extend by using toe of the boot and retract by touching the lever with the heel or toe.  


Set the tube length with the ratchet so the machine is held at the correct angle, 

Safety. When operating the stand please ensure that the ratchet has clicked home before allowing it to take the weight of the machine, and always check that the tube has fully retracted and ratchet lever has locked home before setting off.


Jobs a good 'un


If you have any questions or difficulties fitting the stand to your bike please contact me.